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3D High Definition Laser Survey

Vertex Surveying is proud to offer the state of the art technology, 3-D Laser Scanning or High Definition Surveying (HDS). This powerful technology allows us to capture existing conditions utilizing the speed and accuracy of lasers to provide features into a precise digital 3D model. Our FARO scanner can collect up to 976,000 points a second to produce a dense and accurate collection of individual measurements called a "point cloud" that can be processed and seamlessly integrated with today's 3D design process.

  • Benefits of utilizing 3D Laser Scanning or High Definition Surveying:
    •    Instant 3D Images
    •    Time Savings
    •    Safety
    •    Accurate and Detailed measurements of an object
    •    Reduce cost from fewer field trips
  • 3D Laser Scanning Applications:
    •     Existing conditions Surveys
    •    Design & Engineering
    •    Building Façade Mapping
    •    Construction & Fabrication Verification
    •    BIM Project Support
    •    Clash Detection and Avoidance
    •    Historical Preservation
    •    Asset Management & Archive
    •     Accident and Forensic Mapping
  • Deliverables:
    •    3D Point Clouds
    •    CAD/BIM 2D or 3D Objects
    •    AutoCAD / Microstation
    •    Terrain Modeling and Contouring
    •    Volume Calculations
    •    Dimensioned Exhibits – Plan, Profile & Elevation
    •    TruView – Web Viewers
    •    3D Animation-Fly Through