Total Stations

Getting Started (1 day)

Workflow training for any Leica Total Station, including data exchange with popular CAD packages. Learn the standard functions of your TPS instrument and perform common survey tasks, including detail surveys and setting-out.


Check and Adjust (1/2 day)


From refreshing batteries to running the check and adjust routines, this course takes you through the monthly steps needed to keep your instrument working correctly and accurately.


Worksite+ (1 day)


Getting to grips with three of the most popular additional applications on-board theTS16; Reference Line, DTM Stakeout and Volume calculation.


Traverse (1 day)


A close look at setting up and adjusting a control network. Step-by-step process of using the TS16 and Traverse Kit, including adjustments on-site as well as loading the data into Leica’s Infinity software and generating a final report.


What you will learn:

  • How to quickly set up the total station

  • How to station and orient to a direction and backsight point

  • Resection/free stationing from known points

  • Setting out lines and levels for buildings, kerbs, manholes, gullies

  • Offsetting lines for setting out

  • Preparing a drawing for uploading to the total station

  • Uploading drawings and points

  • Sorting problems with uploading and connecting to the total station

  • Surveying lines and features

  • Prisms and reflectorless surveying

  • Prism constants and offsets

  • Basic checks on your total station

  • Ensuring your survey is correct

  • Co-ordinates systems Using OSI Planning Packs - Digital & Paper

  • Adding Contour

  • Calculating Areas & Volumes

  • Quality control

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