Getting Started (1 day)

Learn the basic concepts of GPS/GNSS positioning. This course looks at workflow training in RTK including detail surveys, coding and export of data, as well as performing site Calibration/Transformation and understanding when to use different types of co-ordinate systems.

Post-Processed Kinematic (1 day)

Focussing on GNSS PPK survey and processing - For when there’s just no phone signal.
For those who can post-process GNSS data and have a SmartNet License there are techniques available for when you don’t have an internet connection. This course focusses on Post-Processed Kinematic surveys and how to get them right.


GNSS Survey and Post Processing (1 day)

A look at the GS16 SmartAntenna and how to take advantage of the developments in GNSS surveying. As well as looking at RTK setups and post-processing GNSS data in Leica’s Infinity software.

What you will learn:

  • How to survey with GPS Rover

    • Topographical survey with output to Autocad & Excel

    • Using feature coding for layered survey

    • Dealing with overhanging trees

    • Surveying close to buildings

  • How to set out buildings, roads, features

  • Solving up/downloading problems

    • Uploading .dxf files

    • Uploading ASCII or text/.csv files

    • Connection problems to WinXP, Win7/8

  • How GPS works

    • The antenna, the datalogger, the satellite systems

    • Correction subscriptions sytems

    • Ellipsoids

    • Geoids

    • ITM/Irish Grid

  • New Subjects Added:
    Using OSI Planning Packs - Digital & Paper
    Adding Contours
    Calculating Areas & Volumes

  • Troubleshooting internet connection problems

    • SIM card

    • Subscription activation

    • Updates

  • Quality control

    • How accurate is your survey

    • Testing your GPS Rover

    • Recording setting out

  • Using OSI Planning Packs - Digital & Paper

  • Adding Contours

  • Calculating Areas & Volumes

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